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* Each dog receives a General Fund distribution to start their fundraising campaign.  Fundraising campaigns remain open for one month for dogs in chemotherapy. For dogs having surgery or radiation therapy, campaigns remain open until the day before treatment, up to one month. Donations that cannot be used for the dog they are meant for will be reallocated to the General Fund so that we can help other dogs. You will receive a thank you from Magic Bullet Fund, with information for your accountant. - Make a Donation to Bruno Hughes - Live Donations Tracking for Bruno Hughes
Bruno HughesMaria HughesBRUNO HUGHES
10-year-old Mixed breed
Mass on toe
Amputation (toe)
In MBF: 9/30/14
Campaign Ends 10/30/14

Bruno is the love of my life and my best buddy. He is my right hand, sweetheart of sweethearts, and one of the smartest and most obedient dogs that one could wish for. My wish came true when I rescued Bruno.
Bruno has a mass on his toe. I'm told by the vet that he needs to have surgery to stop the cancer from spreading. The radiographs show his lungs to be clear, but the toe must be removed to prevent further progression of the mass. My vet says this should be done ASAP or Bruno doesn't stand much of a chance.
    I have pulled together all of my resources and whatever I have to put toward Bruno's surgery. I receive social security disability. I'm unable to work per diem and I do not have any assets to draw from. I would give my kidney if it would help save Bruno. Iím asking the Magic Bullet Fund to help me raise the remainder of the fee, that I cannot cover.
    Please help me help Bruno fight this cancer. Please help us get the surgery he needs. Can you make a small donation? He really does deserve a chance to beat this and enjoy life! From the bottom of our hearts Bruno and I thank you for your support.
-  Maria Hughes, Boston MA - Make a Donation to Nickel Segura - Live Donations Tracking for Nickel Segura
Nickel SeguraDerek SeguraNICKEL SEGURA
7-year-old Golden Retreiver
In MBF: 9/29/14
Campaign Ends 10/29/14

I have raised Nickel since he was six months old and he has been a faithful and loving companion to me since the very first kiss/lick. Nickel has always been a strong and healthy dog. He was always the first to grab a stick, fetch and play. He earned the nickname "bobble head" because his head is always shaking, tail wagging and he's ready to play. Whenever, wherever and with whomever.
    Always a hearty eater, it caught my attention when Nickel would not eat his favorite meals, gobble down his favorite treats or even muster the energy to play. I knew something was wrong with my boy. The vet examined Nickel and felt a mass in his abdomen. After a CT scan and blood work, the bad news came that evening with a diagnosis of an 18cm tumor in his stomach. The diagnosis was Stage IV lymphoma.
    Finally, upon speaking with veterinary oncologist Dr. Skope, I learned that Nickel was not sentenced to death. Dr. Skope outlined the treatment plan of chemotherapy for Nickel and told me his odds. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but it gave me hope, and hope is what one needs when dealing with this disease. When I heard the price that treatment was going to cost it deterred my spirit. But as long as Nickel has a fighting chance I vowed to not abandon my baby boy no matter what!
    I have been able to afford the bills for his first few rounds of chemo treatments, but I have come to a crossroads. Working two to three jobs is helpful but still not enough. I am trying to find a more affordable residence and I am doing everything I can to keep Nickel healthy and strong. 
    Nickel is doing well and I will never give up the fight to help him beat this disease.
    Thank you, Magic Bullet Fund. Thank you to all the donors for your generosity, caring and compassion. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read our story.
Nickel will beat cancer and he will live to be a strong, healthy and energetic "bobble head" again.
-  Derek Segura, Charleston SC - Make a Donation to Athena Lowery - Live Donations Tracking for Athena Lowery

Robert LoweryAthena LoweryATHENA LOWERY
7-year-old Beagle
Mammary Cancer
In MBF: 9/23/14
Campaign Ends 10/23/14

To whom it my concern:
We need your help with are dog Athena. She has mammery gland cancer and me and my daughter are both on SSI. We do not have the money to save her life. Athena is very inportent to my daughter Paige especially because when she was young she did not have a lot of frends. So Athena was and still is her best friend.
    Athena is a very good dog all was happy full of love and life. She never ever wants to slow down. She's been like that ever cens she was a pup. We will never forget the first day we brout her home. She was so happy to be out of that pen that they had her in at the pet shop. She saw her new back yard she just keeped running around and around are shed. She has a big brouther who is a cat named Oreo and they are the best of friends they play and fite with each oteher all the time. Its so funny to see them play together so we all here would apresheate eney help you can give us thank you for all your help.

- Robert Lowery, Lockport NY - Make a Donation to Benedict Haefling - Live Donations Tracking for Benedict Haefling

Benedict HaeflingJoaeph and Juanita HaeflingBENEDICT HAEFLING
See Benedict in the News!
8-year-old Labrador-Shepherd mix
In MBF: 9/9/14
Campaign Ends 10/9/14

We were looking for a dog to be a companion and also to be a watchdog since our neighborhood had changed in the seven years since we moved here in 1999. We saw a picture in the newspaper that showed a lab-shepherd mix that was up for adoption by the Animal Protection Society of Durham, NC. We went to see him immediately and at first sight we knew he was what we were looking for all along. We found out he had been running around the farmlands of suburban Durham. He was then given to foster family for six weeks to allow some wounds on his back to heal. The Animal Society checked us out and said we were qualified for the adoption. The foster family named him Benedict, so we kept that name so as not to confuse him.
    When we got him home he was a little wild for two or three weeks, but we treated him nice and he soon calmed down. He has been a fine companion and a good watchdog for the past eight years. During this time he passed all of his annual physicals with flying colors. Then things changed.
    A few weeks ago he stopped eating for four days. We took him to thevet who told us to take him to the animal hospital immediately. There he was given a blood transfusion and other IV's. They also found that he was suffering from lymphoma and they decided his best treatment would be chemotherapy. This treatment is very expensive and our retirement income would not be enough to pay for it. We looked on the internet and found the Magic Bullet Fund.
    We are extremely thankful to all those who already helped us and to anyone who can help us now.

- Joseph and Juanita Haefling, Durham NC
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