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* Each dog receives a General Fund distribution to start their fundraising campaign.  Fundraising campaigns remain open for one month for dogs in chemotherapy. For dogs having surgery or radiation therapy, campaigns remain open until the day before treatment, up to one month. Donations that cannot be used for the dog they are meant for will be reallocated to the General Fund so that we can help other dogs. You will receive a thank you from Magic Bullet Fund, with information for your accountant. - Make a Donation to Kerious Johnson - Live Donations Tracking for Kerious Johnson
Kerious JohnsonTracyi JohnsonKERIOUS JOHNSON
11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier
In MBF: 7/29/14
Campaign Ends 8/29/14

Kerious’ (pronounced curious) Story:
I've had Kerious since he was 2 months old. Kerious goes everywhere but to work with me. I don't have any children so he's like my child. He knows when I'm sad or depressed, he licks my arm to cheer me up, he pushes the door open to get in the bathroom with me. He follows me everywhere and he loves me unconditionally.
    I found out 4th of July 2014 that Kerious has cancer. I was heartbroken and full of tears. I love my Kerious very much and the thought of him never ever being around me again makes my heart ache.
    I found Magic Bullet Fund on the internet looking for help. Please, please, donate for Kerious’ treatments. Without these treatments he will die in a few months. But with your help his cancer could go into remission and he could live for a year or more. From me and my beautiful Kerious-Heart, thank you so much for all you can donate. WOOF WOOF!

- Tracyi Ann Johnson, Clinton MD - Make a Donation to Bruiser Hofmann - Live Donations Tracking for Bruiser Hofmann
Carl HofmannBruiser HofmannBRUISER HOFMANN
7-year-old Pit bull
In MBF: 7/28/14
Campaign Ends 8/28/14

Hi, my name is Bruiser Hofmann.  My vet told my mommy and daddy that I have cancer, Lymphoma to be exact.  My family is very sad but they want me to fight.  I’m ready to fight, I’m a tough boy!  I love my family and I love life but we need help with my chemotherapy treatments.
    A couple weeks ago, mommy was scratching my neck, which feels so good it makes me smile, and found 2 lumps.  She told daddy and we went to the vet a few days later, on July 8.  On July 17, 2014, it was confirmed through biopsy that I have Lymphoma. We were scared because we do not have the money for treatment but I’m so young and strong.  The oncologist said I only need 12 weeks of chemo but it’s still really expensive.  My parents cannot afford it without help from this wonderful foundation and caring people who want to help.
    My dad found Magic Bullet by doing a Google search for associations that help with canine cancer.  He liked what he saw and decided to apply, knowing I cannot have treatment without help.  My mom had back surgery last year and didn’t work for almost a year.  Dad was in a car accident 2 years ago and has had 2 surgeries because of that.  It’s been hard and bills pile up. 
    The wonderful people at Magic Bullet Fund offered to help and we are eternally grateful for that.  Please help me fight this.  Donations are our only hope and we will all be forever thankful for any help given.  Your generosity will never be forgotten.  Thank you for reading my story.

- Carl and Danielle Hofmann, Dover PA - Make a Donation to Talledega Rock-McDonald - Live Donations Tracking for Talledega Rock-McDonald
Hannah and Andrew McDonaldTalledega Rock-McDonaldTALLEDEGA ROCK-McDONALD
5-year-old Bloodhound mix
In MBF: 7/25/14
Campaign Ends 8/25/14

  Talladega, Dega for short, was diagnosed with lymphoma on Monday July 14th. Since her diagnosis, her lymph nodes have swollen steadily and her oncologist informed us that without chemotherapy she will likely succumb to her illness within a month.
    This diagnosis hit us at a bad time financially. Unfortunately, without some help we won’t be able to afford treatments for her. It breaks my heart, since the vets are very optimistic about her going into remission with treatment.
    The oncologist gave us information about the Magic Bullet Fund. We were so excited to find this Fund, it gave us hope that we will be able to save Dega’s life.
   So now, we are asking for any donation you are able to give, or any kind words you can give Dega on her road to recovery. If you could offer her a belly rub through the internet I’m certain she would gladly accept it. Every bit will help us be able to provide Dega with the care she needs and deserves. She has given us five loyal years as our best friend and I know she can have at least five more with us.
    We are so grateful to you for reading Dega's story. We will be so grateful to you if you can find it in your heart to make a small (or large) donation for her chemotherapy.

- Hannah and Andrew McDonald, Savannah GA - Make a Donation to Behr Delfs - Live Donations Tracking for Behr Delfs
Bear DelfsJudi Ken and Bear DelfsBEAR DELFS
See Bear on Video!
9-year-old Labrador
Oral melanoma
In MBF: 7/23/14
Campaign Ends 8/23/14

  Hi! My name is Bear and I could really use your help. Until recently, I was a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky black lab without a care in the world. Then I had a tumor removed from my mouth and it turned out to be a malignant cancer called oral melanoma. There were a lot of tests to see if it had spread to my lungs and lymph nodes. Fortunately, it has not.
     My family is the best family a dog could ever have and they are all very worried and sad about me. They have been feeding me special homemade food with lots of nutrients and supplements to help make me strong to fight this disease.
    I need to have a special vaccine treatment, called the DNA vaccine for oral melanoma. It will help my immune system fight the cancer cells. With this vaccine I could live another two years or longer. The vaccine is expensive and my family is having financial difficulties right now. I won’t be able to have the treatment unless we receive donations.
     The kind and caring people at the Magic Bullet Fund have offered to help me raise the funds we’ll need to pay for the treatment, and they provided a gift into our campaign to get it started.
   I love going for walks, the beach and dog parks with them. Most of all, I want to spend more time with them so that they can rub my ears and belly and make me feel so good.
I want to be with my family for as long as possible.
    Please help me to have a few more years with my family. I will be so grateful to anyone who can donate towards my treatment, and I know they will too!

- Bear, for Judi and Ken Delfs, Upland CA - Make a Donation to Pearl McGee - Live Donations Tracking for Pearl McGee
Pearl McGeeMargie McGeePEARL MCGEE
See Pearl on TV News!
4-year-old Rottweiler
In MBF: 7/16/14
Campaign Ends 8/16/14

  My girl Pearl was diagnosed with lymphoma on the 13th of June 2014. She was so sick that I was going to put her down, but our vet referred us to a Veterinary Oncologist in Glendale, AZ and then I decided that I had to try to fight for Pearl.
    She had one chemo shot, and the next week she had three chemo pills. Pearl has gone into partial remission but already but I cannot afford to continue her treatments. I have changed Pearl’s diet. She no longer eats dog food, she eats a human diet now. My 7-year-old Chocolate Lab Rusty does also, who has seizures but has had no seizures at all since the diet change. There is a big difference for the better in both dogs. Their coats look gorgeous!
    I am a widow since August, 2013. Alzheimer's disease took my husband and my income is cut more than half since his death. I just cannot afford to pay the chemo bills but I charged the bills for the first 2 treatments. I get a 5% “widow`s military discount” from Pearl`s Oncologist because my husband was in the Navy and was a 100% Disabled Veteran. He was in the Korean War and a War Hero.
     I am asking everyone who reads this to please help me pay Pearl`s chemo bills to restore her “healthy life” back to her.  Please help me and Pearl. We will be so grateful for you gracious help. You will be saving a beautiful life that is so young.

- Margie McGee, Surprise AZ - Make a Donation to Jovie Frey - Live Donations Tracking for Jovie Frey

Anne and David FreyJovie FreyJOVIE FREY
8-year-old Golden Retriever
In MBF: 7/7/14
Campaign Ends 8/7/14

  Jojo [Jovie] has been a part of our family for 8 wonderful years. We knew when we met her that she was adorable, but nothing could have prepared us for what an amazingly sweet and loyal companion she would be to us for all these years. We have two sons, Xander (7) and Maximus (2). Xander loves his doggies so much he insists that Jojo must have a pillow when she sleeps at the end of his bed.
    Maximus also has a very special relationship with Jojo. For him, Jojo is almost like a service dog. Despite the fact that Max is in his terrible twos and can be unpredictable at times, she follows Jojo around constantly. Max has several developmental delays- including speech, but one of the words we were first able to regularly recognize was "dodo," which is how he says "Jojo." Every dog he sees is “Dodo” and it’s more often than not the first word I hear through the baby monitor in the morning. When we were concerned about Max not interacting with people as a typical toddler might, we needed only to watch him with Jojo to see his face light up and him babbling to her with delight.
    When we found out Jojo had lymphoma, it was devastating for all of us. We were absolutely heartbroken. The thought of losing her so soon is just unbearable. This dog has given so much to us, and not being able to afford the treatment for her condition was too much to bear. So I started researching different options.  I found the Magic Bullet Fund online and it gave me hope. We might be able to raise the money needed for her treatment with the help of this wonderful organization.
We are eternally grateful to anyone who can donate to help us repay Jojo’s undying loyalty, and give her the chance to get the treatment she needs.

- Anne and David, Max and Zander Frey, Orlando FL - Make a Donation to Slick Graham Finn - Live Donations Tracking for Slick Graham Finn
Ashley FinnSlick Graham FinnSLICK GRAHAM FINN
7-year-old Pit Bull
Mast cell tumor
In MBF: 7/3/14
Campaign Ends 8/3/14

  Our beautiful giant Slick is the love of our life. He is a gentle loving, playful teddy bear that is full of energy. My son Antonio and I love him dearly and we don't want to lose our angel. Slick is a kind spirit that has been so good to us and everyone that he comes across loves him.
    Slick has always been our protector and now the time has come for our family to protect him. He has a tumor growth on the outside of his stomach with a great prognosis if it is treated in a timely manner. Even though he's sick, he still is that ball of energy, his tail still wags over-time Antonio and I walk through the door. We couldn't imagine our life without him.
    Please help us help him. We want Slick around for many more years. Antonio is 7 years old and Slick was here when he was born, they are like brothers. They love each other and they both are my babies. Half of my heart would be empty without Slick. Thank You for reading our story.

- Ashley and Antonio Finn, Gulfport FL - Make a Donation to Lucy Marchese - Live Donations Tracking for Lucy Marchese
Lucy MarcheseMatthew MarcheseLUCY MARCHESE
4-year-old Boxer
Mast cell tumor
In MBF: 7/3/14
Campaign Ends 8/3/14

  We have had Lucy since she was 5 weeks old. She joined us a few months before our daughter was born. Lucy was a crash course in parenting -- she was definitely a handful! Now, Lucy and our daughter are both 5 years old and the best of friends. We also have a retired rescue greyhound. He was badly abused on the tracks and Lucy has taught him how life for a dog is supposed to be. She has turned him from a skittish and reclusive racer to a happy and carefree dog. Everyone who meets Lucy loves her instantly.
    When Lucy was about 2 years old she started to get this spot on the hock of her leg. At first we thought it was just a hot spot, but then it got bigger and bigger and started to crack and bleed. It hinders her from being her normal happy self. She and our greyhound don't run around the yard doing laps like they used to. She may be in pain but she never lets that get in the way of playing with our daughter or snuggling with us like she has done since she was 5 weeks old.
    Our vet is able to operate on Lucy and give her a better quality of life. But I lost my job of 10 years and all income now goes to paying living expenses and bills. We are battling a foreclosure as well.
Any help that we can get for our loving girl would be greatly appreciated. She is a wonderful dog and is really like our first daughter. You are our only hope to give our baby the best years that she deserves for being a wonderful companion, a protector of our household, and an all around good girl.
    Our entire family will be very grateful for whatever help we receive for Lucy. Thank you so much again for taking the time to read our story about our Lucy Goose. Please donate to help her if you can.

- Matthew Marchese and Christina Rios, Lehigh Acres FL

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