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* Each dog receives a General Fund distribution to start their fundraising campaign.  Fundraising campaigns remain open for one month for dogs in chemotherapy. For dogs having surgery or radiation therapy, campaigns remain open until the day before treatment, up to one month. Donations that cannot be used for the dog they are meant for will be reallocated to the General Fund so that we can help other dogs. You will receive a thank you from Magic Bullet Fund, with information for your accountant. - Make a Donation to Bullet Dodd - Live Donations Tracking for Bullet Dodd
Bullet DoddAmy and Hal DoddBullet Dodd
9-year-old Border Collie/Blue Healer mix
Perianial tumor
In MBF: 5/18/15
Campaign Ends 6/18/15

Bullet has brought much joy to this family. He started off a 20 pound pup rescued out of Boulder Humane Society. He grew into a 100 pound fur ball who just loves life, and people. He is extremely friendly and loves kids. My son often says “I love my dog Bullet.” Although Bullet didn't exactly find a bundle of noise (otherwise known as a baby) appealing at first, as our son grew, so did their bond. They learned to play together and work together. Bullet has become a great protector of all of us.
    The best memory I have of Bullet is from when I was pregnant. Noise never bothered him before, but this big thunderstorm sure did. He tried to crawl under my chair! Noise still spooks him, but as long as we are home, Bullet is a calm and happy dog, even when it's the 4th of July.
    We discovered lumps in January with a routine check up. A follow up visit, and a biopsy determined the lumps were cancerous, but it was undetermined how bad the cancer was, how far it spread, or exactly what caused it. We spoke with the vet school in norther Colorado, who were all hopeful than an operation would save his life. Without it, he wouldn't last the year. It is a very tough decision for this family. We just can't afford treatments, but we have to do everything we can to save him.

- Amy and Hal Dodd, Denver CO - Make a Donation to Julien Wilson - Live Donations Tracking for Julien Wilson
Christina WilsonJulien WilsonJulien Wilson
8-year-old Golden Retriever
In MBF: 5/14/15
Campaign Ends 6/14/15

As a puppy Julien was nursed by a cat. When we brought him home at six weeks old, his sister Luna (our Siamese cat) was there to greet him. So, naturally, Julien thinks he is a cat. A 110lb cat!
    Julien LOVES his stuffed animals, playing tug-of-war, cuddling and jumping in piles of leaves. He is so sweet and loving and has even won a couple costume contests, after melting the judges’ hearts.
    We were heartbroken with his diagnosis of lymphoma. He showed no signs except swollen lymph nodes by his throat. The diagnosis hasn’t dampened his spirits though, he is just as feisty as ever. Julien just had his 4th chemo treatment and is responding very well! He has had no issues, side effects or symptoms and I hope it stays this way.
    I am struggling emotionally with the fact I may not be able to save a perfectly happy and otherwise healthy pup because of money. I am a single homeowner with a mortgage and student loans, and I work full time at the local Children’s Hospital. The chemotherapy costs weigh on my family tremendously especially since my mother recently lost her job of twenty-nine years.
    So I ask for your help  - whatever you can give, monetarily or by sharing our story to grow support for our Julien. A canine lymphoma support group recommended the Magic Bullet Fund and I am so very grateful! Please keep sending positive thoughts and prayers our way!

- Christina Wilson, Jonesboro GA - Make a Donation to Lola DeCosta - Live Donations Tracking for Lola DeCosta
Tony Amanda DeCostaLola DeCostaLola DeCosta
6-year-old Boxer mix
In MBF: 5/6/15
Campaign Ends 6/6/15

Six years ago, we decided to get a puppy. I told my wife she could pick any puppy. She decided she wanted a runt of a litter and we took Lola home. Six years later, we have been blessed with our time with Lola. She is so much more than a dog to us. She is our baby and best friend. She is the best thing that has ever happened to us.
    On March 20th, we took Lola to the vet and discovered that she has lymphoma. The news was so shocking to us because she is only six years old and so full of life. Losing Lola wouldn't only devastate us, but our beloved dog Viggo would lose his soul mate.
    The last couple of years have been exceedingly trying on us financially. We are barely able to pay our bills on a regular basis. However, we were fortunate to find the Magic Bullet Fund on the Internet. They are going to help us in our time of need.
    We are embarrassed to have to ask for donations, but we are not ready to lose Lola. We have no other options. 
    If any of you reading this are able to make a donation for Lola, we would like to thank you with all of our hearts. Your donations will not only provide for Lola's treatment. Even more graciously, your donations will bless us with the greatest gift we could ask for, and that is the gift of hope.

- Tony and Amanda DeCosta, Edgewood NM
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