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* Each dog receives a General Fund distribution to start their fundraising campaign.  Fundraising campaigns remain open for one month for dogs in chemotherapy. For dogs having surgery or radiation therapy, campaigns remain open until the day before treatment, up to one month. Donations that cannot be used for the dog they are meant for will be reallocated to the General Fund so that we can help other dogs. You will receive a thank you from Magic Bullet Fund, with information for your accountant. - Make a Donation to Tater Spencer - Live Donations Tracking for Tater Spencer
9-year-old Pitbull mix
In MBF: 6/15/15
Campaign Ends: 7/15/15
Corinne and Harry Spencer, Plantation FL

"My son Bryan used to bring home dogs that were unwanted by others. Bryan found Tater one day and brought him home. At the time we had a Rottweiler named Zeke (who Bryan brought home years earlier). Tater was a little tiny puppy and at first, he hid under the coffee table. He was scared of Zeke. All we could think was "Another dog to housebreak!" But after a couple of days we fell in love with him.
    In his earlier days, Tater was an escape artist. He pushed through doors that were shut but not latched, and then went through the screen and out into the yard. He would go and Zeke would follow. They would then go under or over the fence and everybody in the family would scour the neighborhood looking for them. It was the funniest thing to see this little yellow dog followed by a great big 130 pound Rottweiler. We would eventually find them, but only after a lot nerve wracking searching and worrying.
    When we are not home he goes from bed to bed in the three bedrooms, looking for the most comfortable bed. He pulls all the pillows down and climbs on top of them to lay down. We call him Goldilocks, looking for the softest bed. When you take Tater out to do his business, he sometimes lays in the sun and takes in the rays and will not get up unless you promise him a cookie.
    Tater loves our grandson, Layne. Layne is four and calls Tater his buddy. They lay together and Layne sits on him and Tater will not move. They share lunch and snacks. When I read to Layne, Tater is there just like he is listening too. They are inseparable.
    Zeke has passed but we have another dog called Patches, who was diagnosed with Lymphoma five months ago. Patches is on his last couple of treatments and was in remission but now he is out of remission.
    Tater was diagnosed with lymphoma two months ago. He has had four treatments. He is not in remission yet but the nodes are getting smaller. It has been a real tough time with two dogs with cancer, hoping and praying they will survive and trying to pay for treatments. We managed to pay for Patches' chemo and we have started Tater's chemo, but we just cannot come up with enough money to go ahead with his treatments.
    These dogs are our heart. I wake up at night to check on them to make sure they are breathing. I watch and hope they will get better. I, myself have had cancer 3x and these dogs were there for me and now we have to be there for them. Please find it in your heart to contribute to this wonderful charity to help our Tater.
" - Make a Donation to Tillie Morgan - Live Donations Tracking for Tillie Morgan
9-year-old Bichon
In MBF: 6/3/15
Campaign Ends: 7/3/15
Dotty Morgan, Fort Lauderdale FL

"Tillie has not had an easy life. She was rescued from a puppy mill by an acquaintance who loved her. Then her adopted mommy took a serious fall and was in rehab for some time and unable to care for Tillie. So Tillie went to a family member who was very busy with working, taking care of children and family and had no time for Tillie.
   Another friend volunteered to take Tillie for a while, but she had two of her own pups and travel plans.
   I volunteered to help this poor little girl who had been handed from person to person and I brought her home. I fell in love with Tillie instantly and she with me. She follows me everywhere. and I learned that when I left, she would lay by the door and whimper and cry. So I take her with me whenever I possibly can.
   Tillie is the most lovable, sweet, affectionate little pup anyone could possibly have. I am so fortunate to have her and she is as good for me as I am for her.
   One day, while I was bathing Tillie, I felt large nodules under her chin. I took her to the vet, who suspected lymphoma and put her on Prednisone, which helped for a while but the lumps continued to grow. Then, the vet referred me to the Animal Cancer Care Clinic where the lymphoma was confirmed.
   I had recently lost my job as a hostess in a restaurant, and was just barely making ends meet as it was. Tillie's chemotherapy treatment is very expensive and I cannot pay it on my own, I need help. Our vet suggested I look for funding on the Internet and that is how I found the Magic Bullet Fund. I am so grateful for this help, please donate to help Tillie she deserves a chance to beat this cancer.

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