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* Each dog receives a General Fund distribution to start their fundraising campaign.  Fundraising campaigns remain open for one month for dogs in chemotherapy. For dogs having surgery or radiation therapy, campaigns remain open until the day before treatment, up to one month. Donations that cannot be used for the dog they are meant for will be reallocated to the General Fund so that we can help other dogs. You will receive a thank you from Magic Bullet Fund, with information for your accountant. - Make a Donation to Davie Cuthbertson - Live Donations Tracking for Davie Cuthbertson
Bari CuthbertsonDavie CuthbertsonDAVIE CUTHBERTSON
9-year-old Australian Shepherd
In MBF: 10/26/14
Campaign Ends 11/23/14

Hello My name is Davie! I am a handsome 9 yr old Australian Shepherd mix and I have been diagnosed with lymphoma. I am such a happy dog, love to play with my friends and receive lots of love from family and friends. I am a tough boy and I can fight this horrible disease. But my family desperately needs your help because the treatments are very expensive. Without your help I cannot get the treatments I desperately need.
    I came across this awesome website while searching for help. I am very thankful for everyone who has been willing to help me.  My mom tells me I am her best friend, she says that with help from the Magic Bullet Fund and from the donations of people who love dogs, I will be able to get the treatments.
    Please help me with your donation so I can live a long happy life and be here for my family and friends? Thank you so much.

- Bari Cuthbertson, Phelan CA
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