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* Each dog receives a General Fund distribution to start their fundraising campaign.  Fundraising campaigns remain open for one month for dogs in chemotherapy. For dogs having surgery or radiation therapy, campaigns remain open until the day before treatment, up to one month. Donations that cannot be used for the dog they are meant for will be reallocated to the General Fund so that we can help other dogs. You will receive a thank you from Magic Bullet Fund, with information for your accountant. - Make a Donation to Benedict Haefling - Live Donations Tracking for Benedict Haefling

Benedict HaeflingJoaeph and Juanita HaeflingBENEDICT HAEFLING
8-year-old Labrador-Shepherd mix
In MBF: 9/9/14
Campaign Ends 10/9/14

We were looking for a dog to be a companion and also to be a watchdog since our neighborhood had changed in the seven years since we moved here in 1999. We saw a picture in the newspaper that showed a lab-shepherd mix that was up for adoption by the Animal Protection Society of Durham, NC. We went to see him immediately and at first sight we knew he was what we were looking for all along. We found out he had been running around the farmlands of suburban Durham. He was then given to foster family for six weeks to allow some wounds on his back to heal. The Animal Society checked us out and said we were qualified for the adoption. The foster family named him Benedict, so we kept that name so as not to confuse him.
    When we got him home he was a little wild for two or three weeks, but we treated him nice and he soon calmed down. He has been a fine companion and a good watchdog for the past eight years. During this time he passed all of his annual physicals with flying colors. Then things changed.
    A few weeks ago he stopped eating for four days. We took him to thevet who told us to take him to the animal hospital immediately. There he was given a blood transfusion and other IV's. They also found that he was suffering from lymphoma and they decided his best treatment would be chemotherapy. This treatment is very expensive and our retirement income would not be enough to pay for it. We looked on the internet and found the Magic Bullet Fund.
    We are extremely thankful to all those who already helped us and to anyone who can help us now.

- Joseph and Juanita Haefling, Durham NC - Make a Donation to Ayla Costa - Live Donations Tracking for Ayla Costa

Kathleen CostaAyla CostaAYLA COSTA
10-year-old mixed breed
Mammary tumors
In MBF: 9/8/14
Campaign Ends 10/8/14

My niece was having a baby in Feb. of 2004. I loved the name Ayla from the movie Clan of a Cave Bear. I wanted her to name her daughter Ayla. But on February 4th she had her daughter and named her Nyla.
    One month later, in March 2004, Ayla came to me from my daughter’s friend. She was three months old. Her name then was Princess and I changed it immediately to Ayla. Ayla’s been my best friend ever since. My Grandson is 5 years old now, but when he was younger and taking naps in my room, Ayla would lay right outside the door. I knew when he was waking because Ayla would come to me and go back to the room. Because of my Ayla, I get my walking exercise done. We walk every night.
    I am 58 yrs. old now. I am an ovarian cancer survivor, so I know My Ayla will be too, if she can have surgery. I know the time will come when she has to leave me but in my heart she is still a young pup. She still looks like a puppy when she rolls on her back or goes running.
    After much research I found the Magic Bullet online. I am so grateful for their offer to help me. I would not be able to get Ayla's surgery without the help of donations. Thank you so much for any help you can give us.
You will always be in my prayers.

- Kathleen Costa, Lowell MA - Make a Donation to Scooby Castillo - Live Donations Tracking for Scooby Castillo
Scooby CastilloTatiana CastilloSCOOBY CASTILLO
6-year-old Lab mix
Oral tumor
In MBF: 8/20/14
Campaign Ends 9/20/14

This angel’s name is Scooby and he is the love of my life. My ex-boyfriend bring him at home and he ask me if we can take care him until we will found his family. We had 2 more dogs, Choco and Mocha. When I saw his eyes…. I fell in love with him. We start looking everywhere for his family, we went at different vet to see if they know him or we took a picture of him on cork boards on each vet. But nothing.
    Finally we realize that he has a chip and we found his family. But they said they don’t have space for Scooby and so we decide to keep Scooby with us. May 2009 my boyfriend and I split. But of course I keep Scooby!
    After 5 happy years together now I found a tumor in his mouth. The vet says it is fibrosarcoma. I feel desperate because I can’t afford treatment, and every minute we loss, it is every minute I can lose him. He is so sweet, happy, loyal, and friendly with people, cats, dogs. Scooby deserves to live to many more years. He is a baby just 6 years old. Please help my Scooby. Thank you.

- Tatiana Castillo, Miami FL
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