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* Each dog receives a General Fund distribution to start their fundraising campaign.  Fundraising campaigns remain open for one month for dogs in chemotherapy. For dogs having surgery or radiation therapy, campaigns remain open until the day before treatment, up to one month. Donations that cannot be used for the dog they are meant for will be reallocated to the General Fund so that we can help other dogs. You will receive a thank you from Magic Bullet Fund, with information for your accountant. - Make a Donation to Riley Simons - Live Donations Tracking for Riley Simons
Kathleen SimonsRiley SimonsRILEY SIMONS
6-year-old Boxer
In MBF: 8/26/14
Campaign Ends 9/26/14

My Boxer, Riley, has lymphoma. Riley was my son's dog. When my son died of colon cancer, I promised him I would take care of Riley. This is my commitment to my son's memory and I want to do everything possible to care for him.
Riley is the best dog I have ever owned. He just turned 7 yesterday (August 24th). I know he will have many more wonderful years ahead of him if he can get the chemotherapy treatments. Riley's prognosis will be very good if he is given chemotherapy, but the cost for chemotherapy is beyond my means. I am a very hard-working single woman, 64 years old, running a small business in New Mexico. I run a cleaning service with three worker from 7am to 5pm, evenints are customer's laundry and supplies to purchase, plus three Boxers and two horses to care for. 
    My veterinary oncologist at Veterinary Cancer Care knows of my financial situation and she gave me the name of the Magic Bullet Fund to see if I can get help with funding. I will be forever grateful to anyone that can find it in their heart to help my boy! And, I know he would tell you as well if he could.

- Karleen Simons, Corrales NM - Make a Donation to Scooby Castillo - Live Donations Tracking for Scooby Castillo
Scooby CastilloTatiana CastilloSCOOBY CASTILLO
6-year-old Lab mix
Oral tumor
In MBF: 8/20/14
Campaign Ends 9/20/14

This angel’s name is Scooby and he is the love of my life. My ex-boyfriend bring him at home and he ask me if we can take care him until we will found his family. We had 2 more dogs, Choco and Mocha. When I saw his eyes…. I fell in love with him. We start looking everywhere for his family, we went at different vet to see if they know him or we took a picture of him on cork boards on each vet. But nothing.
    Finally we realize that he has a chip and we found his family. But they said they don’t have space for Scooby and so we decide to keep Scooby with us. May 2009 my boyfriend and I split. But of course I keep Scooby!
    After 5 happy years together now I found a tumor in his mouth. The vet says it is fibrosarcoma. I feel desperate because I can’t afford treatment, and every minute we loss, it is every minute I can lose him. He is so sweet, happy, loyal, and friendly with people, cats, dogs. Scooby deserves to live to many more years. He is a baby just 6 years old. Please help my Scooby. Thank you.

- Tatiana Castillo, Miami FL - Make a Donation to Gigi Pearson - Live Donations Tracking for Gigi Pearson
Gigi PearsonBecca PearsonGIGI PEARSON
5-year-old Pit bull mix
In MBF: 8/18/14
Campaign Ends 9/18/14

Gigi and I met when she was 6 weeks old. The people that had her had taken Gigi’s mom in off the street. They kept the mom, sold her puppies and then said mom was headed to a high kill shelter. When I met them to take the mom, they had one of her pups, too. The guy hadn’t shown up to buy her.
    Gigi’s mom was covered in wounds, her teeth were filed down, and she had been bred several times although she was only 2 or 3. I took care of mom’s medical needs, and I took Gigi to training classes. She was strong willed and I wanted her to be an ambassador for her breed.
    Gigi is a wonderful dog, so smart, sweet and eager to learn, and she is beautiful. People in the fancy neighborhoods where I walk her are always shocked to hear she is a pit bull. On Gigi’s first birthday, her mother died. Gigi was overcome with grief, as was I. When Gigi saw her after she passed, she let out a wailing sound I had never heard before or since. The only sound I could compare it to is a whale song.
    Gigi and I bonded deeply then and every moment since. She is my heart. Please help me give her a fighting chance against this aggressive cancer. She is a gentle, sensitive, affectionate soul, and my best friend. If I had it, I would pay a million dollars to give her happiness and health again.

- Rebecca Perason, Santa Fe NM - Make a Donation to Lea Lee Sublette - Live Donations Tracking for Lea Lee Sublette
Terry SubletteLea Lee SubletteLEA LEE SUBLETTE
10-year-old Golden Retriever
Oral melanoma
DNA Vaccine
In MBF: 8/11/14
Campaign Ends 9/11/14

In June 2014 my K9 companion Lea Lee, a rescued Golden Retriever, was diagnosed with melanoma. She had surgery the following day and the mass was removed. I scheduled a consultation with a canine oncologist. I called my credit card companies to increase my lines of credit and I did find one willing to increase my credit limit. That paid for Lea Lee's consult and exam as well as her first DNA vaccine injection. But this left me wondering how I would afford the remaining series of injections.
    As of last week, Lea Lee’s oncologist said that she has a 50% chance of surviving 12 months or longer. The injections are working! The vet said that stopping the treatments would drastically reduce her expected longevity and as my fur child I cannot allow that to happen. I cannot imagine stopping these treatments that are saving her life.
    I want my Lea Lee to have the longest quality life possible. This is a goal I believe any parent can empathize with in regards to a child's life. She is the rock that I hold onto in reguards to my PTSD, I have a service K9 who assists me with daily activities but Lea is simply the kindest and warmest soul I have ever met. She has pulled me out of dark places (times) on many occasions. She is my touchstone.
    I am a 90% Disabled American Veteran. I served 21 years honorable and was retired in 2011 as a result of traumatic spinal injury injuries endured in 2006. I am unable to work a traditional job and have little income. Lea's oncologist told me about the Magic Bullet Fund.
    I am now reaching out to the Magic Bullet Fund. I have exhausted all my resources. Please, to everyone who reads this, please consider a donation to Magic Bullet Fund so we can continue to assist folks such as myself in helping their fur kids. I hope in time to be able to re-donate any and all funds I receive from Magic Bullet Fund back to them so they can continue helping other dogs who need cancer treatments.

Many blessings be upon each who reads Lea Lee’s story.

- Terry Sublette, Aurora CO - Make a Donation to Harvey Montgomery - Live Donations Tracking for Harvey Montgomery
Kate MontgomeryHarvey MontgomeryHARVEY MONTGOMERY
3-year-old Boxer mix
Thyroid cancer
In MBF: 8/8/14
Campaign Ends 9/8/14

Harvey is our first dog as adults. We never expected he’d feel like our first child, our best of best friends, the love of our lives. He’s gentle, soulful, his spirit strong and personality almost human. He gives kisses like they're water he's gotta unload from a sinking ship. He’s a total mush and flirts and cuddles with anyone that’ll allow it. He attracts attention everywhere: "What a handsome dog!” "such a perfect boy!" And yet it’s WE who have the privilege of receiving his love each day, with no expectation of anything in return.
    The day we learned Harvey had thyroid cancer was the most devastating day of our lives. Cancer? How could it be? It’s our Harvey and God wouldn’t do that. It’s not fair. But then we put away the pity party and decided we would not let this disease take our son. We would fight it out of him, because it has no business being in such a sweet soul to begin with.
    So we have fought, are fighting, and will continue to fight, despite financial hardship. Because of your support, we will get more days with Harvey, more years (God-willing), memories, smiles, laughter, and oh so many more kisses.
    As I type this he trots up to me and puts his face to mine for a kiss. He knows we’re fighting this. I know in my heart that we’ll never love another dog the way we love Harvey, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure he has a long, healthy, happy, QUALITY life with us. We rescued him once, THANK YOU for helping us rescue him again. He has been an absolute blessing to us and those that meet him. May God continue to wrap him in blessings as he fights this battle against cancer. May God wrap you in blessings for helping us fight it.

- Kate Montgomery and Christian Nachtrieb, Somerville MA - Make a Donation to Midnight Browning - Live Donations Tracking for Midnight Browning
Midnight BrowningGlann BrowningMIDNIGHT BROWNING
6-year-old Dobwerman Pinscher
In MBF: 8/6/14
Campaign Ends 9/6/14

Hi my name is Midnight, Missy for short. I was diagnosed with a high grade lymphoma on July 24th. I really wasn’t feeling that bad, I had a little cough and a lump on my neck, but my daddy got worried and took me to the doctor. The doctor said I need something called CHOP, I’ve heard people call it chemotherapy. He said that without this treatment I would only have about 2 months to live.
    When the vet told my daddy he started crying because he knew he couldn't afford my medicine. You see, my daddy was a canine security guard and he got shot, so now he is on disability.
    My vet told my daddy about all the wonderful people at the Magic Bullet Fund that they might be able to help us raise the funds for the cost of my treatment. My daddy keeps telling me how much he loves me and that everything is going to be okay. He says that a lot of people love me too and that they’re going to help make me better. I know he worries, even more since my mommy passed away a few years ago. He keeps telling me that I'm all he has left in this world.
    I'm just not ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge yet. I still have a lot of lizards to chase, long walks to take and kisses to give. So I’m not giving up! This little girl is ready for a fight. Won't you please help me? Thank you for reading my story and for helping me if you can. And one more thing, please don't forget that prayers help too!

- Glenn Browning, Clearwater FL - Make a Donation to Obie Watson - Live Donations Tracking for Obie Watson
Barbara WatsonObie WatsonOBBIE WATSON
10-year-old Border Collie/Chow
Multiple Myeloma
In MBF: 8/6/14
Campaign Ends 9/6/14

Obbie came into my life nine years ago when I adopted her from a wonderful rescue group. She's a very independent spirit and has been an inspiration to me when I've had some rough bumps in the road. Especially when I was told that I needed to apply for disability because I could no longer work. The worst thing was when Obbie became sick for the first time in her life. She was diagnosed with cancer.  Of course being Obbie, she couldn't have lymphoma or a tumor. It's Multiple Myeloma (plasma cell) cancer, which is very uncommon for a dog to get!
I was devastated when I got this news. My first thought was, “I don't know how I'm going to pay for the medicine that will help her, but I can't NOT do everything possible for her. I have to find a way to provide her with the quality of care she deserves.” I'm on a limited income, so without financial assistance I will not be able to afford the very expensive drug that helps with Obbie's type of cancer.
I searched for anyone who could help us,  with assistance for Obbie’s her medical bills. And I found out about the Magic Bullet Fund online and applied for assistance. I sincerely appreciate that the fund is going to help us, and I will greatly appreciate any help we get to give Obbie the care she deserves. Thank you to everyone for your support and assistance, from the bottom of our hearts.

- Barbara Watson, Winooski VT

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